Loopy Logical is a fun, “wonderfulogical” gaming app where kids as young as 4 can begin to learn the fundamental lessons behind coding and computational thinking.

Loopy (short for Louis Peter) is your guide to his “magicalogical” backyard, where simple everyday toys transform into exciting, exotic playgrounds.

Ramona, Loopy’s younger friend, is a daredevil with a taste for adventure who needs your help to navigate her waterpark maze.  Together, you’ll jump, fly, and collect tools while moving objects and a pesky family of raccoons keep messing up the board.  Then join Loopy and Ramona for an exciting victory dance!

Computational Thinking

For parents and teachers, Loopy Logical is a math and computational learning app that delivers on 21st century STEM imperatives.

Loopy Logical has kids programming and executing Ramona’s moves in a playful environment.  Using arrows and a execute button, preschoolers as well as kids who struggle with math and numbers get introduced to the mechanics of coding.


2017 is already being described as the year of robotics and coding.

25 countries in Europe and many states and provinces have coding built into the curriculum. Research indicates a huge “catch-up” mentality and “EdTech guilt” that public schools aren’t preparing students – particularly girls – for a STEM economy.

This is an exciting time for Loopy Logical. The language of computational thinking is spreading.  Parents and educators appreciate the importance of ensuring that children have the fundamental 21st century skills to thrive in the job world that lies ahead.

And we know Loopy Logical works: all of our research and playtesting was conducted with the rigour of the kidsmediacentre at Centennial College’s
Centre for Creative Communications in Toronto, Canada.


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